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Terms & Conditions

General Sale Conditions

The current General Sale Conditions determine the contractual relations between the customers of ThePortugalOnlineShop, an e-commerce website dedicated to selling Portuguese products to the International and National market.

The general sale conditions are the only conditions applied and prevail over all other conditions, apart from when a prior express and written agreement is drawn up.
We consider that when the order is validated, the customer automatically accepts our general sale conditions.

Making your Order

Orders are made through our internet e-commerce site, ThePortugalOnlineShop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ordering is very easy. You can "add to cart" at any time, even without being on the product description page. When a certain product has additional choices (size, colour, type, etc), adding to the shopping cart or basket will always only be possible through the actual product page. You may change quantities easily if you intend to purchase more than one unit.

The customer shopping basket will always be visible in the right side, describing which and how many products are to order, the total weight and the total cost. Note that shipping cost will only be displayed in the checkout process. You can view you shopping basket in a specific "basket" page or you can proceed to checkout quickly.

The customer will receive confirmation of the order made by email. You can make a custom order by contacting us, either by our contact form, our email or through skype.

Buying Alcohol / Tobacco / Health supplements

Buying Alcohol, Tobacco and Health Supplements is only allowed to any individual with age equal or over to 18 years (Alcohol and Health Supplements) and 16 years for Tobacco.

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The prices shown on the site can be seen both in Euro, US Dollar and British Pound, and already include tax for National Customers. Customers residing in Portugal will be charged with corresponding tax, IVA, at the current legal value.

Please note that if a customer reside outside the European Union, additional taxes may be charged such as customs. The taxes are not ThePortugalOnlineShop responsibility and may vary from country to country. Please inform yourself of your contry legal duties before purchasing.

Delivery expenses are paid by the customer and are charged at the end of the request, and depend on the products selected and the geographical zone they are sent to.

All prices can be reviewed at any given moment, especially on stock rupture, or manufacturer's change on cost.

Reward Points and Coupons

Promotions, coupons and discount codes!

Reward points are not implemented at the moment.

Coupons or Vouchers are discount codes that you can enter on checkout in order to save on all or specific products. There are several times where our customers may benefit from those, such as promotions, holliday times, recurring customers, loyalty points, etc.

The discount codes usually affect only the products in the basket, and do not affect the shipping cost. However there may be coupons that affect shipping, such as FREE shipping codes.

Using the discount codes is very easy. On the checkout process you can insert your code in the Coupon box field and apply it. I will automatically show a new total with the discount.

Availability and Delivery Time

ThePortugalOnlineShop shall comply with the deadlines of an order provided that the products in the order are available. We remind you that our shop sells not our own manufactured products, but rather unique products made by craftsmen, or other items made in production environments not made for mass market/distribution, that may lead to variable availability.

Time to ship any order is usually in the next business day, but can take up to 3 business days. Shipping delivery time may range from 3 to 20+ days depending on the geographical zone and shipping zone.

If a product ordered is not available, ThePortugalOnlineShop will contact the customer by email or telephone within 5 days maximum counting from the date of the order request to inform him/her of the new delivery deadline of the product.

If any product cannot be delivered by Stock rupture, meaning that there will not be a future possible deadline for delivery, ThePortugalOnlineShop will automatically refund the cost amount of those products to the customer.

Delivery Methods

All orders will be delivered through the Portuguese mail courrier, "Correios de Portugal - CTT".

All customers with orders shipping to Portugal can choose from standard or registered shipping. Registered shipping will be much faster and benefit from a tracking code service.

Customers can select two options for all orders weighting above 2kg. Single package with all items or Multiple packages of 2kg maximum. CTT charge very high prices for all packages above 2kg, so sending in multiple packages ensure the cheapest shipping cost.

Customers residing outside the European Union will only have the option for Multiple 2k packages. Single packages are available, but the costs are excrutiating high. Please contact us for more information if you're interested.

Payment Methods

How do i pay for my order?

Customers of ThePortugalOnlineShop should pay for their orders within 3 days, otherwise they will be automatically cancelled. You may pay through 4 ways:

  • Credit Card using Paypal secure system
  • Bank transfer - Both national and international - ranges from 1 to 3 days to confirm payment.
  • Credit Card
  • MBnet system for national customers


1. PayPal transactions

PayPal is the most safe way to make payments online, as it allows multiple credit cards, without never displaying they're numbers. PayPal accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress and Discover (please check for further information.

By choosing Paypal payment, the customer will be automatically redirected to the secure payment page in paypal system after checkout. Customers will then be able to return to ThePortugalOnlineShop site as well.

If you're already a PayPal user, all you need to do is proceed with your details. If you're not a PayPal user, you will have to register in the PayPal website and from that moment on, you'll be able to use PayPal everywhere it is accepted. PayPal is used for over 71 Million users all over the world and is the web Standard in e-commerce payments.

PayPal payments also benefit from additional safety and speed for any refunds. Please note that in order to be eligible to receive any refunds from Paypal, the shipping address of your order must be the same as the address in your PayPal account.


2. Bank transfers

Please use the following details for bank transfers:

Bank Name: Montepio Geral
IBAN: PT50.0036.0065.9910.0051.0629.8
Country: Portugal

Bank transfers will only be considered successful with it's confirmation sent by email (most online bankings allow this, or you can scan/photographed and send us the confirmation document) and after funds have been transfered.


3. Credit Card

At the moment we are implementing direct credit card payments with all major credit card systems. Please select PayPal or bank transfer for the time being. Thank you for the understanding.

4. MBnet Service

At the moment we are implementing MBnet service payments. Please select PayPal or bank transfer for the time being. Thank you for the understanding.

Privacy and Safety

This data privacy security declaration applies only to ThePortugalOnlineShop e-commerce website and services.

It is of upmost importance for ThePortugalOnlineShop that all our customers and visitors see granted the confidentiality of their data and details.

ThePortugalOnlineShop ensures that all your data WILL NOT be used for any promotion purposes either by mail contact or telephone contact nor will it be used by any other organization or company without your previous authorization.

We compromise to protect your privacy and to to our best effort to guarantee the efficient use of our online e-commerce system to make your experience safer and private.

All customers are entitled to access, change and cancel the data they provide, by simply using the Account section we have provided.

Customers expressily allow authorizes ThePortugalOnlineShop to send information about products and services that may be of interest, using the personal data the customer have provided, via any communication channel, including email. We DO NOT sell or share your data with anyone. As a matter of fact, being ourselves avid online consumers, we simply hate and abolish spam!

ThePortugalOnlineShop needs to collect personal data from customers for:

  • Identity as a customer;
  • Processing, confirming and delivering orders;
  • Notification about order status;
  • Customer Service maintenance, for solving any issues;
  • Create promotions and special offers based on your own preferences;
  • Make a better online experience;
  • Send personal detailed information only available to customers;
  • Access to campaigns, promotions and exclusive content;

Returns and Refunds

Any products purchased from this site are delivered at the address indicated by the customer when making the purchase.

In the event that a customer does not receive the order in the indicated deadline, please contact us so our Customer Service may attend to that matter quickly. At this moment, no refunds will be delivered, until order loss can be confirmed.

We advise customers, upon receiving the order, to open the parcel and check that the product is in accordance with what was requested and free from external defects. If the product is different from that ordered or has visible defects, we recommend that the customer does not accept the delivery. She/he should fill in the form provided for this purpose and hand the product back to the carrier who will oversee its return.


  1. Check if the package is in good condition;
  2. Open the package asking the delivery person to wait for the verification (this is a client's right);
  3. Check if the product is according to order and if no external visible defects exist. If all is ok, accept the delivery
  4. In case of non-conformity with what was ordered, may it be an error on the delivered product or a visible defect, please reject the delivery, fill out the form made for this events, and point out the problem. Give back the package(s) with all it's contents to the delivery person/company.

To exercise the right to a refund, returns must be made by registered mail with reception notice within 15 days from the reception of the products. All material received must be returned. All goods returned must be in conditions they were sent. If the product has been tampered or damaged, no refunds will be made.

This right to refund is free of charge, apart from the postage fee, which shall be paid by the customer. The customer shall be refunded through bank transfer if the original payment was made through bank transfer. In the case of payment done through PayPal, refunds will be made through it and should be instantly available.

After the technical assessment, the refund shall be made within 20 days.
To return the package, the customer should return the product by Post (or using another carrier).


Copyright Information

All the content of this website, including text, graphics, logos, icons, images and custom website functionalities and design and the selection and arrangement thereof, are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws, and, unless otherwise indicated, belong to ThePortugalOnlinesShop. Unless specifically permitted, no content may be modified, reproduced or publicly displayed, performed or distributed or used for any public or commercial purposes.



So what's this all about?

ThePortugalOnlineShop is an ongoing and evolving project that intends, at it's major purpose, promote Portuguese products and traditions throughout the world. Showcasing many quality world-known brands such as Claus Porto / Ach brito / Confiança / 444 / Delta / Encerite / Couto / Nally / Bordalo Pinheiro / Licor Beirão / and many others! Enjoy! © 2011-2014 ThePortugalOnlineShop. No material, text or images, can be copied without express permission.

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