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About Us

Portugal Online Shop - Made in Portugal

Portugal - The last piece of land the Europeans have before the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is a 800+ years old country, filled with treasures! From our ancient traditions, historical achievments, know-how, unique tastes and culinary and so much more.


Portugal Online ShopPortugal Online Shop - A Life's Mission:

THE PORTUGAL ONLINE SHOP is an ongoing and evolving project that intends, at it's major purpose, promote the Portuguese products and traditions throughout the world.

We consider our job as a highly social responsible project. By supporting the local and non globalized economies, the traditional and new Portuguese companies. By promoting and intensifying the regional traditions and new opportunities. By bringing back the artists and craftsmen behind the magic.

With that in mind, we though about our fellow countrymen living all over the world, and who, with our help, can have a little piece of home with them, feeling closer. Extending this idea, it is only natural that we would want to show other Portugal's products to other foreign people, cultures, habits and traditions, and thats why all are invited to try them.

Portugal Online ShopIn our extense search, we have met amazing people. Craftsmen, artists and manufacturers from North to South, including our beautiful islands of Azores and Madeira. Many of these men and women have hard lifes. We believe that by being able to sell these products everywhere, we are helping each one of this people, by promoting them and buying directly from them, with the least possible market manipulation. We consider this a mission, as globalization ends each country's individuality and unique traditions. By promoting them, we are helping to perpetuate them, to keep a sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle.

This is our belief and our way of life. We welcome you to join us!

The Shop

Our Online Shop is a group of Portuguese proud people who decided to creat an online shop to promote original and traditional Portuguese products, especially handmade and traditional or vintage items. Founded by a young Portuguese couple, a Designer and a 3D Artist / Photographer, who are proud to take part in such an honorable project as this.

You'll be completely astonished by the shear amount of heartbreaking unique products, hidden somewhere, resisting time, generations and globalization, carrying an extraordinary emotive feeling in each one. Many still keeping they're original vintage packings, most made nowadays as they were decades ago. Enduring such long times could only be achieved because it's production quality. Some of our products are world known, and that can only be achieved by pure excelency.

Here you will find a large variety of traditional Portuguese products, from World known Natural soaps and cosmetics, Gourmet food delicacies, Household products, Typical regional hand made toys, Historical clay and stone Handicraft - Just to name a few.

We are proud to be Portuguese! We are pleased to represent and sell our products.


Portugal Online Shop and Fair Trade:

Part of our vision and mission is to be able to create a complete win-win-win market, where our customers are happy, we are happy, and last but not least, the craftsmen / manufacturer / producer is happy too. Getting to do that is easy. We have a straight relationship with the people "behind" each of our products and so we do care for them.
Here's what happens when you buy any product from Portugal Online Shop that is Made in Portugal:
  • You are stimulating traditional crafts market.
  • You are encouraging a non globalized, eco friendly and sustainable way of life.
  • You are paying a fair price to the manufacturers protected from market manipulation.
  • You are rejecting and actively avoiding labour exploitation.
  • You are defending equal rights between men and women of any age and race.


So what's this all about?

ThePortugalOnlineShop is an ongoing and evolving project that intends, at it's major purpose, promote Portuguese products and traditions throughout the world. Showcasing many quality world-known brands such as Claus Porto / Ach brito / Confiança / 444 / Delta / Encerite / Couto / Nally / Bordalo Pinheiro / Licor Beirão / and many others! Enjoy! © 2011-2014 ThePortugalOnlineShop. No material, text or images, can be copied without express permission.

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