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Veleiro Shaving Cream - Confiança - 125ml


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Shaving Cream
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155 grs.
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2 - 3 Days

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Confiança Veleiro Shaving Cream - 125ml

Top quality traditional shaving cream  

Shaving is an Art, in constant improvement. Confiança's shaving product lines will definitely help in turning what is a daily obligation into the best moment of the day, an enjoyable experience.

100% vegetable coconut base, rich in vitamins E, F and enriched with lanolin and glycerin, hydrating and protective ingredients.


Very easy to spread even with your fingers.

It smoothes the skin and softens the hair with an adjusted delicate PH. The softness of its ingredients allows for a reduced razor movements and less skin rash.

Lasting fresh feeling from the Menthol.

Confiança's Veleiro is one of the most antique and prestigious product line for gentlemen shaving habits.

Volume: 125ml
Weight: 155g

Made in Portugal.

Confiança - A century's Trust :

Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança Sa was founded in Braga, in northern Portugal, on 12th October 1894, by Almeida Silva and Santos Pereira.
Initially specialized in Offenbach laundry soap manufacturing, there was a rapid association to the products of Confiança. This fact have permited to achieve an enviable reputation. The major part of the sales were mostly in Portugal and the former Portuguese colonies.

In 1919, the product range manufactured and comercialized by Confiança was enlarged to perfumed soaps, fine soaps, transparent soaps, rice-powder, eau de cologne, medicinal soaps, extra-fine extracts and oils coming from former Portuguese colonies.

In 1928 there were about 150 labels of soaps, rice-powder, creams, tooth pastes, shaving sticks, eau de cologne, lotions and essences manufactured by Confiança.

In the 80's, Confiança starts to developpe new cosmetics, adjusting formulas and offering new ones, specially in bath gel and perfumed shampoos, as an answer to new ways that began to impose and the constant requests os new products coming from its clients.

In final 2005, facing an enfeebled financial situation, the company was bought by a portuguese capital risk funds company. With the reorganization and investment with urgent actions, it was already possible to turn concrete the ISO 9001:2000 certification, becoming that way the only company in this area with recognized manufacturing and products methods.

The appositive one in the improvement of the existing products, in terms of packing and of offers, as well as the development of new, is a priority to Confiança, respecting always the traditional origins and methods, passed between generations. The Art Nouveau and Art Déco artistic influences that were proper from 20's, are still evident in classical products of Confiança. The combination of shape, the characteristic of the soap and wrapping is an art in Confiança, passed through generations. Thus, all its essence is conserved.


Product Evaluations
Number of Reviews : 7
Average Grade : 4.571 /5
M. Juan Carlos
  on 20/10/2018
Estupendo producto.
P. Henrik
  on 10/02/2016
The same quality as the Lavanda cream, but with a different smell. It's also a superb cream.
L. Miguel
  on 20/08/2015
great shaving cream, fresh!
. Christostz03
  on 31/12/1969
Perfect relation quality/price. Very high quality lather with an aroma that brings in mind ... the summer breeze !

I highly recommend this cream.

Thanks Miguel/theportugalonlineshop!!! Will definitely buy again ...
. Sam D.
  on 31/12/1969
At first, I did not pay a lot of attention to that cream, but as the outer temperatures rise, I like it more and more for its discrete and refreshing scent. Performance is good.

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