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Solavar Azul e Branco - Laundry Household Soap - 400g


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Household Natural Soap
Weight (grs.):
410 grs.


Solavar Azul e Branco
Vintage Laundry Household Blue and White Soap for Hand Wash


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Azul e branco is an household laundry soap made in Portugal. Existing since 1850, also known as Offenbach Soap, it is comparable to household soap, but it has a rugged texture, bulky shape, and lack of odor.
In Portuguese "azul e branco" literally means "blue and white", which are the distinctive colors of the soap.

A unique bar of soap can be cut to the desired size before use. It lasts longer.

Azul e branco soap was historically and traditionally used to wash linen, carpets, and floors, and also for personal hygiene, and it remains as a reference in laundry hand washing and general cleaning.

The product consists of saponified fat, water and silicates.
Comparable to Marseille Soap, but in different color, blue or pink.

Weight: 400g / 14Oz Soap bar


Product Evaluations
Number of Reviews : 1
Average Grade : 5 /5
Y. Joyce
  on 14/04/2018
Difficult to choose between this and the Clarim Laundry soap, both the best if you want natural

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