Sical 5* Roasted Coffee Beans & Ground - 250g

Sical 5* Roasted Coffee Beans & Ground - 250g
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Sical 5* Roasted Coffee Beans & Ground - 250g


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SICAL 5* - Portuguese Roasted Coffee

Portugal Online Shop

SICAL Roasted Coffee - A Portuguese tradition itself!

This is one of the best and oldest Portuguese coffees. Throughout generations, it's taste has become more and more refined and its experience unforgetable!

This is a full-bodied, creamy and strong coffee, known as "5 Estrelas" - FIVE STARS.
The careful selection and the best selection of coffee beans is one of the finest quality. A modern roasting and cooling process delivers and retains it's special aroma and excellent taste.

Combining the intensity of Robusta beans with the fine and delicate aroma of Arabica Beans, it is without doubt a great cup of coffee!

With a self sealing package, specially made to maintain all the coffee properties and taste.

Properties of the product:

Net Weight: 250 g / 8.8 oz / 0.55lbs

Package Weight : 270g

Coffee Blends: Classic 5 Star; Decaf
Coffee types: Arabica, Robusta beans

After opening keep in a cool and dry place. You can also keep it in an hermetic jar.



How to buy?

You can use the options box at the top of the page to choose which type of product you prefer. We sell:

  • NORMAL Ground Coffee for all "bag" type coffee makers - Vacuum, Drip Brewers and French Press
  • FINE Ground Coffee for Espresso Machines and Moka pot style
  • WHOLE BEANS for any grinder type

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