Nicola Gourmet Roasted Coffee Whole Beans / Ground - 250g

Nicola Gourmet Roasted Coffee Whole Beans / Ground - 250g
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Nicola Gourmet Roasted Coffee Whole Beans / Ground - 250g
Nicola Gourmet Roasted Coffee Whole Beans / Ground - 250g


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NICOLA ROASTED COFFEE - Various 250g packs of best traditional Portuguese Coffee

Whole Beans, Normal and Fine Grind

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The Nicola brand owes its origin to Lisbon's emblematic Café Nicola. In the early 1800's, this café was the meeting place for politicians and writers, especially the poet Bocage.

From the beginning, the café's owners wanted to offer their own coffee blend. Beans from Brazil and from Sao Tomé and Principe were roasted at specialized companies and sold under the Nicola name.

As time went by, the Nicola coffee brand made its way to shops throughout the country. The Nicola coffee's popularity, the emergence of new habits and demands for higher coffee quality made it necessary to control all production stages.

Size: 250g - Each pack

NOTE: Rossio Blend only exists in ground options, not whole beans!

We can not guarantee that every blend is available in each type. Please allow us some extra time for confirmation. Thank you.


Portuguese Coffee - NICOLA -

The core range consists of 5 Nicola cafes blends of coffee beans. They differ mainly because of the different circumstances of arabica and robusta coffee and different coffee bean origin.

Green coffee is imported from plantations around the world. Arabica coffee is mainly imported from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya, and especially Robusta coffee from Vietnam, Uganda, Côte d'Ivoire and India.

Each contains a mixture of coffee beans coming from (on average) 12 different regions. Each type of coffee can be a mixture of different properties and the result is always a balanced combination of delicious taste, strong aroma and a rich lather.


How to buy:

You can choose from any of the blends and buy more than one blend / pack.

You can also choose from whole beans, normal grind of fine grind (depending on blend).

Just select your preferred blend from the top, using the options selection box.

Each pack is available as whole beans, normal grind or fine grind (depending on blend). Selecting a specific type is according to buyer preference and type of coffee making. Use this image for choosing.

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