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Musgo Real Shaving Cream - Lime Basil - Claus Porto - 100ml


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Shaving Cream
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Claus Porto
2 - 3 Days

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Musgo Real Shaving Cream - Lime Basil - 100ml

- Claus Porto -

Claus Porto Musgo Real - Men's Shave Cream Shaving 100ml - ThePortugalOnlineShop

Top Shaving Cream for a Royal shave.

Capture the old world feeling when you lather up with Musgo Real Shave Cream.
Known by many as the best shaving cream in the world, the Musgo Real shaving cream contains large amounts of the finest Lanolin, Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Glycerin which provides a superior smoothing for a clearer, more comfortable shave. It also actively cares for your skin with Menthol, keeping it cool. It does not contain any kind of artificial substances or any other irritant properties. This is often very important to many men with sensitive skin.

Produced manually from natural ingredients, this shaving cream is stirred in an open kettle for three days, which gives it an ultra-creamy texture.

It lasts for a long time, as a nut sized piece will be enough for a full lather, mousse shave, with a very enjoyable scent.


  • Creamy and smooth
  • Sweet aroma of lime basil
  • 100ml tube

Volume: 100ml

Please refer to secondary picture for a complete list of ingredients.

CLAUS PORTO - Luxury fine soapsThe Claus Porto story goes back to the year 1887, when two German partners, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder, started the production of fine soaps for gentlemen. (Up to then soap had had to be imported in Portugal!). When they left in 1918, their Portuguese partner Archilles de Brito took over. His first step was to start his own company, but shortly afterwards he also took over the name of ‘Claus Porto’ together with the production workshops.



Claus Porto toilet soaps are distinguished by their particularly pleasing scent – due to the natural essential oils (from the South of France) used in their production. The also contain special oils to care for the skin. The soaps look good, too.
Each bar is shaped with the maker’s name and mark (the original presses are used!): the motifs go back to the 1920s.

Round about this time the Claus Porto firm also started and still continue to produce – under the trade name of Musgo Real – other soaps and shaving creams that, like the original soaps, are genuinely ‘natural’, containing no synthetic aromas, perfumes or conservation agents.



Product Evaluations
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Average Grade : 5 /5
. Zach
  on 31/12/1969
There is not enough basil in the shave world; this is my favorite Musgo Real cream!

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