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Supergel - Super Cleaning Gel - 100g


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Cleaning Gel
Weight (grs.):
135 grs.


SUPERGEL - Super stain grease removal Gel
Highly solvent and emulsive traditional cleaning product

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Super duper gel for all your cleaning needs. Supergel - because of its great effectiveness as a degreaser and stain remover is recommended for: hand-washing and stain removal, on toilets and carpets, tile, to remove wax from the floor, on stoves and bicycles, etc. Will not fade colors. Can be used diluted at a ratio of 1 to 10 for delicate needs. Rub a small amount into a stain and rinse with cold water. Use Supergel and your super stains will be gone!

Traditional Portuguese Cleaning Product with an extraordinary solvent and emulsive action!

Supergel - With a neutral PH, suitable with all skins. Does not tint or attack colours. Useful in so many occasions, such as:

Hand Wash - Supergel removes all kind of dirt from the hands, specially good on removing oils (vegetable, animal or mineral oils) - rub a small portion of Supergel in the skin, scrub and rinse with clear water, or just clean with a cloth.

Stain Removal - Removes stains from oils, fat, grease, tar, nafta, oil based paint, print ink, pens, etc - Place a small portion of Supergel in the stain, scrub well and rinse with clear water

Seats / Carpets / Fabric Cleaning - Supergel is surprisingly great for removing  all sort of dirt and stains from these surfaces - Dilute in the proportion of 1/10th in preferably warm water. Wash as usual and rinse with clear water

In the beach  - For removing tar and other oil marks and stains Supergel is outstanding - Just rub a small portion and wash with water to instantly remove them

Tube containing 100 grams.

Total weight: 135grams.

Additional Information:

Supergel - With its highly oil and fat solvent action and stain removal, its recommended for House Cleaning chores such as:

- Hand Washing   - Countertops
- Stain Removal   - Sanitary cleaning
- Seats and Carpets   - Tiles and ceramic
- Floor wax removal   - Stove cleaning
- Paving cleaning   - etc.

How to dilute: in the proportion of 1/10th in preferably warm water. Wash as usual and finish with a clear water rinse.

Using Supergel in Industrial Cleaning:

- Hand washing
- Machine and Tool Cleaning
- Pavement Cleaning
- Workstations and Countertop Cleaning
- Recipient Cleaning
- Car Interior and Seat Cleaning
- Print Ink Removal
- Work Suit Cleaning
- etc.

How to dilute: in the proportion of 1/15th in preferably warm water. Wash as usual and finish with a clear water rinse.

Product Evaluations
Number of Reviews : 2
Average Grade : 3.5 /5
M. Viola
  on 07/07/2017
Briljant. Nothing better to get stains out of your closes than Supergel. Strange they don't sell it in Holland.
G. Frank
  on 03/07/2016
No effect on soft neoprene, tar stains remain. Very smelly, I strongly advise the use of gloves to avoid contact with skin.

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