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Antiga Barbearia de Bairro - Ribeira do Porto - After Shave Lotion - 100ml


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Cologne / Aftershave
Weight (grs.):
310 grs.
Antiga Barbearia de Bairro


After Shave Lotion - 100ml

Exquisite product from "Antiga Barbearia de Bairro"

Product Volume: 100ml
Total Weight: 295g

Made in Portugal.

With a magnificent wooden and citric aroma, which combines the freshness of the Porto Riverside and the fruity and spicy smell of the Port Wine, with the wooden smell of the old houses and the boats that travel the Douro river.

In the head notes we have Italian bergamot, bitter Orange and petit grain, with a hint of spices and fruity notes that lead us to the body notes, into a floral bouquet of magnolia and jasmine. In the base notes we can scent the cedar wood and rockrose that remind us of the Douro hillside.

This is a product thought for a man who enjoys taking care of his skin and doesn't merely seek an astringent and disinfectant product.

Jojoba Oil: moisturizing properties.
Fragrance: less intense when applied than the cologne, but will be held by the skin.

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro -

This brand, created and produced in Portugal, was inspired by the old Portuguese Quarters and a lifestyle that still (stubbornly) persists, defying the progress by reinventing itself. Like the Ribeira Quarter in Porto, or the Príncipe Real Quarter in Lisbon, that inspired the two new collections of this brand.

The old Barber Shops, where the shaving is still made with a sharp razor, and serve as a meeting point to a hip crowd, are back in style.

 “Antiga Barbearia de Bairro” translates to “Old Neighborhood Barber Shop”, and this is the starting point for this new concept.

"The "Antiga Barbearia de Bairro" is the first brand produced by "100ml". We have felt there was a gap in the Market Segment, so we decided to create something different and unique in this area.

We want to revive the ritual of shaving, which has somehow been abandoned, and put a new emphasis on the traditional brush.
We have also been observing a revival of this trend, which reveals a path that enchanted us.
In fact, we are witnessing a return to classical processes now reinterpreted and filtered by new standards and aesthetic graphics.

In Portugal the barbershops are an integral part of the history of many towns and "Tertulia" venues. Even today, many districts keep this tradition alive, in areas in which remain a culture of communication, talking and exchanging greetings very typical of the Portuguese culture and that we are so proud of.

Product Evaluations
Number of Reviews : 5
Average Grade : 4.6 /5
L. Matteo
  on 30/12/2018
ok ottimo
R. Eric
  on 30/07/2018
K. Michael
  on 29/07/2017
E. Till
  on 09/12/2015
A little bit sweetish, I miss a more manly touch.
. Dean Markwalter
  on 31/12/1969
This Cologne is FANTASTIC!!!. I can not believe how good it smells. I will keep this in my personal stock for the rest of my life. Wonderful product, it takes me back to being at my Grandfathers house in Florida around the 70's. His yard was full of flowers and fruit trees. I can't get enough of this.

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