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Sovina Wheat - Artisanal Craft Beer - 0.33L


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Craft Beers
Weight (grs.):
680 grs.

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Sovina Wheat - Artisanal Craft Beer - 0.33L

Cerveja Artesanal Sovina - Sovina Craft Beer - Wheat - 0,33L - ThePortugalOnlineShop

A classic wheat beer in the great Bavarian tradition.
Appears clear in colour but contains natural deposits from the wheat." An aromatic drink with pleasant fruit
overtones. Mild-bodied with an abundant head that lingers in the glass. A revitalizing beer!
Brewing recipes and ingredients are regional.

Unfiltered, 100% malt, no food colouring or preservatives.
CO2 (gas) produced naturally through brewer’s yeast.

Alcohol - 4,4% Vol.



Water, Barley Malt; Hops; Yeast

Volume: 0,33L

Weight: 680g

Made in Portugal.

Sovina Beer - "Os Três Cervejeiros":

"Os Três Cervejeiros" are responsible for the new Gourmet Artisanal Beer, made in the city of Oporto, named Sovina.

A unique beers, made from artisanal methods. Unfiltered beers, 100% Malt. No additives or colorant. It's CO2 gas is naturally produced by the yeast.

Ingredients: Water, barley mal, hops and yeast. The Sovina Amber and Helles were the first two kinds to be produced, followed by Stout, IPA and Wheat.

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