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Rebuçados Dr. Bayard - Cough Drops - Anise Honey & Herbs


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Dr. Bayard

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Rebuçados DR. BAYARD - Cough Drops

Special sweets for the cold!

Rebuçados Dr Bayard - Cough Drops - Anise Honey Herbs - ThePortugalOnlineShop Dr Bayard's cough drops are simply unique in Portugal!

These special sweets date back from 1949, when a young Portuguese man called Álvaro Matias met a refugee French doctor in a small groceries store in Lisbon downtown. Dr Bayard to be precise. A tight friendship was born after that, with the young man acting as a "right hand man" for the doctor, and assisting him everywhere. When Dr Bayard returned home thankful, he gave Álvaro his most precious gift. The secret formula for his cough drops.

With a unique sweet Anise taste, it is recommended by doctors and pharmacies all over.

Weight: 100 and 200g
Characteristics: plastic bag with original vintage graphics.


The production for the exquisite and very popular traditional Dr. Bayard's cough drops was born in 1949.
Today the factory produces four tons of sweets per day, keeping the recipe's secret!

  • Recommended by Doctors and Pharmacists
  • Helpful in colds, chest aches, cough and sore throats
  • Even in a friends gathering, as plain sweets, they're always a success



With its unique formula still being a secret, Dr. Bayard's cough drops recipe is composed of sugar, glucose, marshmallow and honey all mixed in a combination of herbal teas. The Anise taste is very characteristic and much appreciated all over.

Product Evaluations
Number of Reviews : 5
Average Grade : 5 /5
G. Donald
  on 23/10/2018
The best for coughs or sore throat
P. Francisco A.
  on 18/06/2018
Rebuçados are a pleasure....
G. Donald
  on 21/01/2018
Unique cough drops so soothing to throat.
B. Riccardo
  on 29/11/2017
Those were the very first buying we did here, years ago. They do not have comparison with any other lollies if you are suffering of throatache. Fantastic
R. Joelle
  on 09/02/2016

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