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Moreninha Barley Orzo Coffee Cevada - 250g


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Barley Coffee
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250 grs.
2 - 3 Days

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"Moreninha" Barley Coffee / Orzo / Cevada

Portugal Online  Shop Your Coffee of Barley it's a pure and healthy coffee substitute product proceeding from a great variety of selected barley of the very best origins. It has a refreshing taste.

Barley has been used for human consumption for the longest time. This is not only because it adds a unique delightful flavor to dishes, but because it adds nutritional value to the food we eat.

Especially useful for people who cannot take regular coffee and those with high-pressure related illness.

250 g = 8.8 oz = .55lb

How to prepare a nice cup of barley coffee?
Moreninha barley coffee comes in powder, which means that it can easily be used as an instant drink. Mix a couple of teaspoons (adjust by taste) with water or with milk and just stir it until it's nice and smooth. Add sugar according to your own taste.

*As a personal note, we often drink regular coffee or barley with Soy milk instead of water or regular milk, without any sugar. Soy milk is usually already sweet and it makes a naturally sweet and creamy drink. Very nice!

It is a great warm drink for breakfast, or a refreshing cold drink in summer days, with some ice and lemon.

What is Barley?

Barley is a cereal grain that is used extensively in soups and stews. It is derived from the grass called Hordeum vulgare.
Barley makes a nutritious food for humans, with several health benefits to its credit. In many parts of the world, it is also used as the food for animals. It has a rich nutty flavor and pasta-like consistency.

Thanks to its lack of caffeine and no side-effects, barley coffee has become incredibly popular in Europe to the point where most cafes in some capitals are now equipped with a dedicated brewing machine only for barley coffee.

If you have never tried it before, do not expect it to taste like coffee. Barley coffee has a clear distinct flavour. But if you are after a healthier caffeine-free alternative to coffee, Barley is a must-try.

Benefits of Barley and Barley Coffee:

  • Rich in dietary fibers
  • Produces acetic acids, good for liver and muscles
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol
  • Rich in Niacin, which prevents heart diseases, confirmed by the FDA
  • Rich in Phosphorus, for a balanced body cell structure
  • Helps in maintaining an healthy intestine
  • ...the list goes on

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