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Encerite Ceronil Acrylic Liquid Wax - 500ml


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Acrylic wax
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650 grs.

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Encerite Ceronil Acrylic Polish Wax Paste Liquid Tin Can Wood Tile Ceramic - Cera em Pasta para madeira ceramica - The Portugal Online Shop

Ceronil is an high-quality, auto-gloss liquid Acrylic wax from the same Gold Medalist Manufacturer as our polish wax, Encerite. Each type is specific for several types of flooring.

For wood, tiles, ceramic, linoleum, marble, terracota and other floors

Available in 3 different colors:

  • Yellow - Specific for Wood / Parquet / Cork - Yellow tint
  • White - Specific for Marble / Tiles / Azulejo / Vinyl / Wood / Parquet / Cork - Colourless
  • Red - Specific for Terracota / Ceramic / Tiles - Red tint




How to use - Product directions:

Clean all the pavement and wash it. Let to dry. Apply Ceronil with a hairless cloth, without soaking, in uniform layers along the floor length.
Allow to completely dry. Do not step. There's no need for aditional gloss process.
A second hand gives a glossier finish and higher level of protection.

Maintenance: drop 1dl of Ceronil in the water when washing the floor.

ENCERITE's Features:

It has been produced since 1927. Awarded with world Gold Medal at the Great Industrial Exhibitions of 1932 and 1933 for it's unique polishing properties.

It's formula and traditional way of production was kept along the years, being 100% hand made.

It is available in 6 different colors: White (colorless), Yellow, Red, Brown, Black and the poetic Lavender.

In the modern days, it has regain its rightful position as an high quality wax and polish for multiple surfaces and has been featured multiples times in television, from the unique products and also for they're traditional methods.

Portugal Online Shop and Encerite:


We at Portugal Online Shop take pride to actually be our own first customers in everything we sell, and to have the possibility to know such wonderful products and the people who produce them.

At Encerite we felt privileged to observe how it is made and actually take part in the production, such as mixing colors. Just an amazing experience. Luís Gonçalves, one of the brothers who own it shared some of its ingredients, such as 100% pure Portuguese Beeswax, and Carnauba wax.

We have complete line of Encerite product for sale, from hard wax, liquid wax for easier appliance, acrylic wax, and high quality cedar wood oils.

We invite you to try it.

So what's this all about?

ThePortugalOnlineShop is an ongoing and evolving project that intends, at it's major purpose, promote Portuguese products and traditions throughout the world. Showcasing many quality world-known brands such as Claus Porto / Ach brito / Confiança / 444 / Delta / Encerite / Couto / Nally / Bordalo Pinheiro / Licor Beirão / and many others! Enjoy! © 2011-2014 ThePortugalOnlineShop. No material, text or images, can be copied without express permission.

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