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Dom Cristina Lemon - Honey & Lemon Liqueur - 70cl


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Honey & Lemon Original Portuguese Liqueur
- Dom Cristina -

Dom Cristina BrandyMel Honey Lemon Herbs Liqueur Licor Mel Limão e ervas - ThePortugalOnlineShop.comType of Spirit: Liqueur
Serving temperature: 12°C/ 53F
Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Sugar, Brandy,  Honey, oils and lemon aroma.
Alcohol: 27%
Volume: 70cl / 700ml



Dom Cristina, formerly known as "Brandy Mel"  is a traditional Portuguese honey liqueur produced in the Algarve. This is their latest creation, with a lemon twist!

An old and traditional mix of Honey and Arbutus, flavoured with mountain herbs, became quite popular between the people from the Algarvian mountains, specially in Monchique, due to it's excelent taste. Almost 60 years ago, this mixture was adapted to an industrial process, by Cristina family of Portimão, which managed to keep the artisan characteristics of the drink that inspired them.

Currently, this tasty mixture of honey, brandy, arbutus and flavored with highland plants, is aged in oak barrels in order to preserve all the qualities of a natural product.

Though modern filling and filtering processes have been introduced, preparation and ageing of the liqueur remain a meticulous process, so long with the careful choices of the best honey, arbutus and brandy, to keep a high standard of taste and quality.

Just like 60 years ago, it remains being produced by the same family company, of which it is most proud for the liqueur quality, recognized at the highest international events.

Tasting Notes

A flaming golden color capable of reflecting light. There's a pronounced, thick honey aroma, combined with a notorious citric and acid lemon ending.

Strong, long lasting flavor in the mouth, the spirit of liquor awakens the taste buds, revealing an underlying firmness and a sense of balanced heat.

Excellent balance between the sweetness of the honey with the acid contrast from lemon.



This liqueur is rich in flavour and volume and can be served neat, with ice and lemon, or in cocktails.


- Dom Cristina -

This is the same honey liqueur the Cristina family produces since 1955, which became one of the specialties from Algarve and one of the most famous Portuguese liqueurs, formerly known as "BrandyMel". This new name intends to honor the family grandfather Oliveiros Cristina, creator of the original recipe, while keeping the design as noble tradition! A liqueur with over 60 years and numerous international awards. Its inimitable taste is the result of a secret well kept and passed on for three generations.

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