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White Round Ceramic Chimney Wall Light - Algarve


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Clay Pottery
Weight (grs.):
1350 grs.


Traditional Algarve White Round Ceramic Terracotta Chimney Wall Lights - Chaminés de barro ceramica típicas do Algarve -

The Chimney Wall Light is one of the most iconic traditional handmade Terracotta designs from the Algarve.

This one is a rounded version, made from glazed ceramic is also a great, and not so common change.

They resemble the typical architectural ornamental chimneys that were common in southern Portugal rooftops.


Dimensions (aproximate - see images):

Width = 16cm | Base: 10cm
Height = 27.5cm
Depth = 9cm


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- Chimeys of the Algarve -

Portugal Online  Shop

Cylindrical or prismatic, square or rectangular, simple or elaborate, the chimneys of the Algarve are one of its great symbols, providing clear evidence of the influence of the region’s five centuries of occupation by the Moors.

An architectural and ornamental legacy that is to be found in most of the towns and cities of southern Portugal and is clearly visible in the layout of their narrow streets, in the structure of the houses and in the minaret-like appearance of the chimneys that adorn the rooftops.

And, in the Algarve, no two chimneys were ever built alike, because the greater or lesser intricacy of the decorative motifs always depended on the time when they were built, as well as the prestige, vanity and wealth of their owners. In fact, it was customary for the builders to ask how many days the owners wanted their chimneys to last, so that they could calculate the value of the chimney they were about to put up, which was based on the time that this would take to build. The more intricate its decoration was and the more difficult it was to build, the more expensive it would be. The predominant colour was the white of the limewash with which it was coated, but one or two honourable exceptions still display some coloured patterns even today, most notably in ochre and blue tones.

This is one of the main reasons why the chimneys of the Algarve have such a variety of shapes and decorations, ranging from simple grooves to more complicated and beautiful lacework patterns, or the miniature representation of clock towers or houses. But they always clearly display the symbolism of popular art, testifying to the expertise of each mason and representing a source of pride for any home owner.
Rather than being merely utilitarian objects, the chimneys of the Algarve fulfilled a decorative role, the proof of this being the fact that country houses generally had two chimneys, in a region where the climatic conditions could barely justify this. The chimney that was actually used, and also the simpler and more functional of the two, was situated in the outhouse where the oven was installed and where meals were usually prepared, whilst the other chimney, usually with a lacework pattern, smaller and more personalised, occupied a prominent position in the kitchen of the house itself, a room that was only used for welcoming guests or organising parties and social occasions.
In practical terms, the chimney was considered a sign that there were people living in the house, giving a good indication of the state of the weather and being the place where the date of the house’s construction was normally marked.
Away from the coast, Querença, Martinlongo and Monchique in particular are the places where these centuries-old chimneys of the Algarve can best be appreciated, displaying an art form of different geometrical shapes and lacework patterns, all of them limewashed and serving as a symbol of the prestige and vanity of the owners.

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