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Galo Barcelos Good Luck Rooster - Iron Kitchen Fridge Magnet


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Barcelos Rooster
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Galo Barcelos

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Good Luck Barcelos Rooster - Available in many colors!
Iron Kitchen Fridge Magnet -  8cm / 3.1 inches

Available in more colors

Please allow us to confirm stock. We may take a couple of extra days for this.

One of the most famous figurines of Portuguese handicrafts is the well-known rooster (cock) of Barcelos, which has become a national tourism symbol for Portugal.

There are inumerous artistic versions of the Rooster. From wood, iron, terracotta, gold, stone, with incrusted jewels, and many more variations from one artist to another.

This specific Rooster is an iron magnet. It will look great in your fridge or any other metallic surface. It's a great souvenir item.

NOTE: Contact us for specific colour stock confirmation. Please allow 2-3 additional days for re-stock.

Size: 8cm / 3.1inches.


The Legend of "Galo de Barcelos" - the Barcelos Rooster:

"The 14th century cross which forms part of the patrimony of the Archaeological Museum of the town of Barcelos is associated with the curious legend of the cock.  According to this legend, the inhabitants were very perturbed by a crime of which it had not been possible to discover the author.

One day, however, there appeared a man from Galicia who was suspected of having committed the crime.  He was arrested and, notwithstanding his protests of innocence, nobody believed him when he said that he was on his way to São Tiago de Compostela to fulfill a vow; that he was a fervent devotee of that Saint who was vererated on par with St. Paul and Our Lady in Compostela.

Barcelos Rooster And so he was condemned to be hanged.  But before the execution, he asked to be taken to the presence of the judge who had pronounced the sentence.  His request was granted, and they took him to the house of the magistrate, who was dining with some friends.

The Galician once again protested his innocence, and, to the amazement of those present, pointed to a roast chicken on the table and exclaimed: "As surely as I am innocent, will that cock crow if I am hanged!"  There was an outburst of laughter and comments, but in the end, nobody touched the cock.  But what seemed impossible actually happened.

Barcelos Rooster When the pilgrim was being hanged, the cock stood up on the table and crowed.  No one any longer doubted the innocence of the condemned man.  The judge rushed to the gallows and horrified saw the wretched man with the rope around his neck.  But the knot was caught and thus prevented him from being strangled.

He was immediately released and sent on his way in peace.  Years later, he returned to Barcelos and built the monument to the Virgin and St. James."

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